I know! Are you kidding me? No updates since March?

Well: Life… you know?
I haven’t been lazy, as you can see in my gig calender.
I’ve been back in Austria to play two gigs with Herbert Könighofer in May and the experience continues when Herby comes back to Finland in the end of November.

In the meantime there are several other projects keeping me busy.
The most time-intensive one is the commission I got from organ virtuoso Susanne Kujala to write a concerto for organ and wind orchestra. Susanne and the Kaartin soittokunta will premiere the piece in August 2018 at Temppeliaukio Church.

In this very same church, by the way, I played my solo piano improvisations today for the 400th time. In August, on the Night of the Arts, I did a multi-instrumental soundscape performance there.

We recorded and filmed the concert.
I haven’t heard or seen the material yet, but if all went well, I might release the concert on DVD. Anyhow, it felt great to play there, with a lovely live sound made by Joonas Saikkonen, with the beautiful new lighting system the church had installed the very same day, and with Sigurdur and Cansu from Hekla Productions filming the whole thing.

So, while spending a lot of time in the workroom now, putting dots on music paper, I once in while take a little break and fiddle with my latest new toy, the Moog Sub37.

I’ll use the Moog (and of course the Rhodes) in our upcoming concerts with the Foreign Friends, so there’s yet another reason to come and check us out (in Pori, Hanko, Juttutupa Helsinki, Turku and at the Tampere Jazz Festival). Great playing, great sounds and a great show.

Barely recovered from Tampere on Nov 3rd, we will get the rare opportunity to perform a film score I composed in 2012 for Saara Cantell’s film ‘Stars above/Tähtitaivas talon yllä’ live, along with the film. This very beautiful film plays in three different time periods in the history of Finland, which is why it is included in the centennial celebrations of Finland’s independence.

If you happen to be in Espoo on November 4th, come to the atmospheric subterranean Kannusali and join us for this exceptional experience.

Heikki Nikula – clarinets
Teemu Viinikainen – guitar
Eija Kankaanranta – kantele
Sid Hille – piano
Ville Herrala – bass
Joonas Riippa – drums

And the year doesn’t end there.
Before Herby joins us in Northern Finland my trio F# will spend a week in Estonia to play four concerts with Estonian vocal improvisers Ivi Rausi and Laura Põldvere.

F# is
Sid Hille – keys
Jori Huhtala – bass
Markus Ketola – drums

Check the gig calender to find out when and where things are happening.
Welcome to listen!

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