all compositions

In the list below you will find all my compositions.

In my understanding a ‘composition’ is a piece that requires some sort of a score.
There is a certain amount of organization, counterpoint and polyphonic texture involved.
Music I write for smaller ensembles, like my jazz quartet or even quintet, I call ‘pieces’ or ‘tunes’. This music usually allows for more improvisation and spontaneity.
My ‘tunes’ of course are very dear to me, too.

So, the distinction is not one of hierarchy, much less one of quality.
It is rather a distinction in the amount of work involved.
Writing a score for full orchestra is necessarily a different type of work than coming up with a groove and a couple of chords to make, say, a pop song.
The source and the intention, however, are the same: it’s creativity and the wish to convey something personal, something that is important to me.

Additional to the list of compositions below there must be about a hundred or so other pieces I wrote, most of which have been recorded with my bands, like the Platypus Ensemble or Infinita.
Many of these pieces, too, may contain tricky structures or some polyphony.
The boundary is not clear cut: I deliberately try to have composed sections sound like they’re improvised, and I’m trying to have my improvisations sound like they were composed.

Anyway, the band pieces are not included in the list below, but you can find them listed under the respective CD they were published on. (Once I got around putting them there.)

Impromptu for decacorde (10-string guitar) duration: ca. 6’
Hashtag jazz orchestra duration: ca. 6’
Coco string quartet, guitar and piano duration: ca. 8’
Brotherhood – Music for an imaginary motion picture  trumpet, sax, guitar, piano, bass & drums duration: ca. 45’
Jonny kehrt wieder / Jonny swipes again (libretto) jazz opera for small ensemble duration: ca. 80′
Feuer orchestra and choir duration: ca. 10′
Rain Check jazz orchestra duration: ca. 7′
‘Ainoat Oikeat / The Two and Only’ film music duration: ca. 40′
Motion – piano concerto orchestra duration: ca. 35’
Près d’ici – Impromptu for kantele and violin duration: ca. 6′
WEG – Capriccio for saxophone and piano duration: ca. 6′
Pohjolan Neito / Maiden of the North concerto for bandoneon & sinfonietta orchestra duration: ca. 30′
‘Tähtitaivas Talon Yllä / Stars Above’ film music duration: ca. 45’
Tip-top jazz orchestra duration: ca. 4′
Immigrant Songs based on Finnish poems for voice, piano, trumpet, guitar and string quartet duration: ca. 15′
‘Frizzle, Sizzle, Dazzle’ jazz guitar & string quartet duration: ca. 28′
ONE – Soundscapes by Sid Hille multiple instruments for one musician duration: ca. 40′
Kurmur – trombone concerto extended jazz orchestra duration: ca. 30′
Raw Bones jazz orchestra duration: ca. 12’
Miniatyyrit / 4 Miniatures violin and percussion duration: ca. 5’
Quatuor no. 2 – In Farben string quartet duration: ca. 20’
Kohtaamisia/Heartbeats film music duration: ca. 15’
Promenades bandoneon & decacorde duration: ca. 15’
‘Time Freeze’ – saxophone concerto orchestra duration: ca. 28’
Shamaani string quartet & jazz quartet duration: ca. 6’
Lumia Suite orchestra duration: ca. 40’
Private Pool film music duration: ca. 7′
Fo-Fei saxophone quartet duration: ca. 7’
Dual Layers – trumpet concerto jazz orchestra duration: ca. 32’
Claredad string quartet & jazz quartet duration: ca. 6’
Sur-Norte string quartet & jazz quartet duration: ca. 10’
Vrindavan in Vindala string quartet & jazz quartet duration: ca. 9’
Vrindavan in Vindala solo vocalist and tentet duration: ca.8’30
The Translation of El Chicho, the Saint string quartet & jazz quartet duration: ca. 20’
Felsenfest – drum concerto jazz orchestra duration: ca. 30’
Odd Men Out jazz orchestra duration: ca. 8’
Quatuor string quartet duration: ca. 15
Music for Mahdollisuus / What If film music duration: ca. 4’
Frischer Fischer (Fischer Than Thou) extended jazz orchestra duration: ca. 8’
Conversations in the ditch jazz orchestra duration: ca. 8’
Pitch Bend jazz orchestra duration: ca. 8’
Musta Kissa jazz orchestra & choir duration: ca. 8’
Uanda jazz orchestra & choir duration: ca. 7′
‘Frutas Maduras’ – trombone concerto jazz orchestra duration: ca. 50’
Conversations in the ditch clarinet quartet duration: ca. 5’
Floating in Air woodwind quintet duration: ca. 3’