for orchestra

Since the jazz orchestra (aka big band) compositions have there own category, this list presents my work for symphonic orchestra (Feuer and Lumia), sinfonietta (Pohjolan neito), string orchestra with soloist (Time freeze and Motion) and two compositions for enlargened jazz orchestra, meaning a big band plus additional woodwinds like oboe, bassoon, french horn etc.

Most of these pieces consist of several movements.
You can listen to an excerpt of Time freeze in the player on the left and at the bottom of this page I will add some more samples of other pieces.

‘Feuer’ orchestra and choir duration: ca. 10′
‘Motion’ – piano concerto orchestra duration: ca. 35’
‘Pohjolan Neito / Maiden of the North’
concerto for bandoneon & sinfonietta
orchestra duration: ca. 30′
‘Kurmur’ – trombone concerto extended jazz orchestra duration: ca. 30′
‘Time Freeze’ – saxophone concerto orchestra duration: ca. 28’
‘Lumia Suite’ orchestra duration: ca. 40’
2004‘Frischer Fischer (Fischer Than Thou)’ extended jazz orchestra duration: ca. 8’

Here is a video compilation of the first performance of my piano concerto ‘Motion’ in November 2012. The great Aki Rissanen plays piano, Antti Lötjönen on bass and Teppo Mäkynen on drums.