chamber music

Here are the compositions that have a more chamber-like character or size.
In the player on the left you can listen to an excerpt from Frizzle, Sizzle, Dazzle for electric guitar and string quartet.
Here is a live performance of ROT from the string quartet composition ‘Quatuor no 2 – In Farben’:

And underneath the list you’ll find a couple of more samples.

Impromptu for Decacorde (10-string guitar) dur.: ca. 6’
CoCo for guitar, piano and string quartet dur.: ca. 8’
Brotherhood – Music for an imaginary motion picture suite for jazz sextet dur.: ca. 45’
Jonny kehrt wieder / Jonny swipes again (libretto) jazz opera for small ensemble dur.: ca. 80′
Près d’ici – Impromptu for kantele and violin dur.: ca. 6′
‘WEG’ – Capriccio (video on YouTube) for saxophone and piano dur.: ca. 6′
Immigrant Songs based on Finnish poems for voice, piano, trumpet, guitar and string quartet dur.: ca. 15′
Frizzle, Sizzle, Dazzle (video on YouTube) jazz guitar & string quartet dur.: ca. 28′
‘ONE – Soundscapes by Sid Hille’ (video on YouTube) multiple instruments for one musician dur.: ca. 40′
Miniatyyrit violin and percussion dur.: ca. 5’
Quatuor no. 2 – In Farben  string quartet dur.: ca. 20’
Promenades bandoneon & decacorde dur.: ca. 15’
Shamaani string quartet & jazz quartet dur.: ca. 6’
Fo-Fei saxophone quartet dur.: ca. 7’
Claredad string quartet & jazz quartet dur.: ca. 6’
Sur-Norte string quartet & jazz quartet dur.: ca. 10’
Vrindavan in Vindala string quartet & jazz quartet dur.: ca. 9’
The Translation of El Chicho, the Saint string quartet & jazz quartet dur.: ca. 20’
Quatuor string quartet dur.: ca. 15
Conversations in the ditch clarinet quartet dur.: ca. 5’
Floating in Air woodwind quintet dur.: ca. 3’

Pagan Dance from the CD ‘Rite of Passage’ performed by the Platypus Ensemble and the Proton String Quartet. It’s the first part of the composition ‘The translation of El Chicho, the Saint’ from 2005

Below you can listen to a sample of Vrindavan in Vindala from the same CD ‘Rite of Passage’. Vrindavan was originally composed for a singer plus tentet, it was commissioned by the Finnish jazz singer Mirja Mäkelä.
Vrindavan turned out to be one of my favourite pieces so I arranged it also for jazz quartet and string quartet which is the version underneath.