F# – Sid Hille Trio

Sid Hille – Markus Ketola – Jori Huhtala

F# (F sharp or FIS) is the name of Sid Hille’s new trio.
The band started rehearsing in March 2016 and played their debut concert at the legendary Pori Jazz Festival on July 15th, 2016.

With Sid on piano, Jori Huhtala on bass and Markus Ketola on drums, F# is essentially a piano trio, but with a couple of twists:
Hille plays the Fender Rhodes piano instead of the traditional acoustic piano, using all sorts of effects, sound modifications, expression and loop pedals. Also Huhtala is using electronica to modify his beautiful acoustic bass sound and Ketola employs loops and samples of his own live playing, manipulating them through the Ableton Live application and thus creating spontaneously complete soundscapes.

Here is a clip from their first rehearsal in March 2016:

In March 2017 F# was joined by Austrian multi-instrumentalist Herbert Könighofer for a series of concerts in Finland and Estonia. Here is a clip from their concert in Tallinn (with special guest Estonian singer Liina Saar):

The slightly anarchistic approach in their performance raised much interest, so consequently F# was invited for a 4-concert tour in Estonia to perform with freely improvising vocal artists Laura Põldvere and Ivi Rausi in November 2017.

Hille – Rausi – Huhtala – Ketola – Põldvere (photo by Raul Ollo)

During the highly popular and succesful tour F# recorded their debut studio album in Viljandi, Estonia, with singer Liina Saar joining them for two tunes.


The album is due to be released in spring 2018.

In the meantime, Herbert Könighofer returns to Finland for two concerts and a recording session with F# in the North of Finland in the beginning of December.

Check the gig calendar for an updated schedule.