The Könighofer experience

What a week!
And what a thrill it was to play!
Six days, six concerts, 2500 kilometers covered.
If you have followed this blog, you might remember how multi-instrumentalist Herbert Könighofer and I met last year in September to play three concerts in Austria.
The Vienna concert can be viewed here on Vimeo:

This time in Finland, we played three gigs as a quartet, Herby joining the Sid Hille Trio F# with bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Markus Ketola, one as a quintet in Tallinn, Estonia, with the addition of singer Liina Saar, another one as trio, Herby, me and violinist Virpi Taskila and one more as a Duo at the Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere.

The wonderful and challenging thing of it was that all the concerts were completely improvised.
One of us would play the first note and we’d take it from there, responding to each other, to the surroundings and the audience.
NOW – and nothing but the present moment!
I’ll post some videos soon.

Before Herby left Finland, we had a little photo session at the villa where Herby had been staying, the Eläintarhan huvila in Helsinki, which is a residence for foreign artists to spend up to two months and get inspired by this country and culture.
Here is another picture from that session:

So, while we’re looking forward to some concerts coming up in Austria this fall and possibly also in Finland again, I got a pretty busy spring here in Helsinki.
First me and my old friend saxophonist Manuel Dunkel will be playing with tap dancers Max Pollack and Jussi Lindroos this week in Turku, then it’s time to get into the composer’s shed to dedicate myself to two commissions for organ pieces and then I’ll be heading to Bremen again for the JazzAhead, meeting ‘the industry’, promoters, agents, musician colleagues…

Things are happening!
And I haven’t even mentioned the new string quartet CD ‘Farbformen’ yet… But I’ll get back to that next time.

All the best to y’all

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