So, here it is:

Soundscapes by Sid Hille – UGETSU

Five years after ‘ONE’, my first soundscape-recording, it felt like it was time again to do something really special. Of course I love all my projects, but going into the studio without any plan, adding layers and ideas on top of each other, being completely in the moment, no goal, except for the vague notion, that it’s going to be on vinyl and therefore the length could be around 18 minutes per side – well, that is something out of the ordinary jazz life (if there is such a thing as ‘ordinary’ jazz life).

I started recording on two days in February, playing percussion, Rhodes, various synths, melodica, kantele, theremin – just about anything I could find in my work room, that would make an interesting sound.
Then I let it rest for a few weeks.

I had booked the Finnvox studios in Mid-March, because I knew, I’d want some piano on the recording, too. A few days before the date, when listening to the material I had already recorded, I started feeling that it needed something more than piano. There was this long beautiful synth-track and I thought a saxophone would be nice with it. Also some singing would be nice.
So on very short notice, I invited Jukka Perko and Anni Elif Egecioglu to come to the session, both had time, and both heard the material there and then for the first time.

I still can’t fathom how masterfully Jukka improvised a 7-minute solo, making my pre-recorded chords sound like they were following him, anticipating chord changes he had never heard before.
With Anni we improvised a complete new track on the basis of a few words I had written that same morning; in the studio I got the idea, what if she sang them also in Swedish. One take – YEP! This was it!

About a month later, in April, still something seemed missing.
During the last year I’ve been doing some voice-over gigs, the first one ever actually for a promo video of my Contemporary Collective, and I started wondering how a spoken text would work. I asked my wife Virpi, who has a wonderful soft voice, to speak a text in dialogue with Jukka’s solo; I spoke a few short texts myself (inspired by Zappa’s ‘Are You Hung Up’ on ‘We’re only in it for the money’, one of my all-time favourite records).

And next, we (engineer and co-producer Tipi Tuovinen and me) were off to guitarist Teemu Viinikainen’s workshop to record a guitar solo on a groovy track that was to be named ‘Stroll in the park’, a sort-of Blues that seemed to be asking for some guitar-wizardry.

Cutting the vinyl master at Timmion records’ cellar studio was another memorable experience, with all these great machines that cut a groove into a piece of vinyl – really – right there in front of your eyes – and then….: wait.
Wait for the test pressing. Four weeks. Good.
Wait for the delivery. Four weeks. Yes.
Here they are now, half a year after starting the project.

So, dear friends: if you’re interested, come to the release party and get your very own copy, vinyl or CD, at the Viapori Jazz Festival on August 25th, 2016.
Or visit the fantastic record store Digelius. They have all my records and thousand other interesting ones on top.
Or just send my publisher SatnaMusic a message, info(at), and have them send it straight to your home.

Enjoy life and good music!
Why not?

Cheers, Sid

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