Exciting new stuff

Hi everybody,

where to begin?
Let’s start with the Contemporary Collective: the band has entered a new phase in their work.
The quirky avant-garde quartet with Heikki Nikula on bass clarinet, Teemu Viinikainen on guitars, me on electric piano, theremin and percussion and Markus Hohti on cello has been enlarged into a quintet, with drum wizard Mika Kallio joining the band.
Our first gig with the new program called ‘WARP’ at the Koko Jazz Club in Helsinki was a great success. Here you can watch a short clip:

More concerts will follow in fall 2016; before that CoCo will still play two shows in Berlin and Munich as a quartet. (See the gig calender.)

Another nice thing that happened was that a brief haphazard meeting in a hotel lobby during the JazzAhead trade fair in Bremen led to a gig at the Pori Jazz Festival.
F#, my new trio with bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Markus Ketola, was only formed in March this year. This will be our first public performance on July 15th, and Pori is certainly a nice place to have it, as part of the Ultra Music series.
Here you can watch a little video from our first rehearsal in March:

A little later in summer, on August 25th, I will play a concert at the Viapori Jazz Festival together with singer Anni Elif Egecioglu and percussionist Abdissa ‘Mamba’ Assefa.
This will be a very special occasion where we ‘New-Finns’ (as opposed to ‘True Finns’) get a chance to interpret essential Finnish music (from Sibelius to Virta and Kärki) through the lense of our ‘outside perspective’. A lot of inverted commas there, but it’s gonna be wild!
On the same night I will present to the world my new soundscape-recording ‘UGETSU’ (on vinyl and CD), to which Anni Elif has contributed as well as saxphonist Jukka Perko, guitarist Teemu Viinikainen and voice artist Virpi Taskila.
Here is the cover art and the link to a clip on Vimeo.


An exciting summer ahead! And I haven’t even mentioned the Summer Academy in Nurmes yet, where I will be teaching improvisation classes and where I’ll play some concerts between July 4th-7th with splendid people like the Meta4 String Quartet.

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