CoCo’s back


After our extended spring tour the Contemporary Collective took a deserved summer break and  returns now fresh and rested – and crazy as ever – to the stage with a nice concert coming up in Helsinki, next week on Thursday, September 17th.
The jaZZanti-concert series takes place in the wood-paneled surroundings of the Laulumiehet hall. I played there the last time when we premiered my piano concerto. (If you want to have a listen there’s some excerpts on YouTube.)

Next, the band will take a leap across the Baltic pond to visit Berlin. On two consecutive nights, October 14th and 15th, we’ll play in the Neukölln club Sowieso, a place where otherwise heroes and legends like Brötzmann, Schlippenbach, Honsinger and Delius perform. – And now us!

And it doesn’t stop there, because in the same week we’ll visit the legendary Musiktage in Donaueschingen where we’ll play three shows on October 16th and 17th in the beautiful surrounding of the Museum Art.Plus for contemporary art.
The Donaueschingen trip is in a way a return to the scene of crime, because this is the little town I grew up in, and the Musiktage hold a special place in my musical development.

Unforgettable memories include a soundcheck of Stockhausen’s ‘Michaels Reise um die Erde’ which I had managed to sneak into, where I ended up sitting next to the master at the mixing board in an otherwise empty hall, or a concert with the Radio symphony orchestra, conducted by Ernest Bour, in which the music was way beyond my limited understanding. Suddenly people started booing, shouting and leaving the hall. Asking my neighbour what had happened, I was told that there had been a major triad in the composition….

Now, for the Musiktage it will be time for a fresh wind coming straight out of Finland!
To get a taste you may want to watch one of the videos from our spring tour.
Looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows!

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