Late summer 2015

After a summer that weatherwise didn’t happen (here in Finland), this late summer is showing itself from the prettiest side: sunny & warm with a gentle breeze of sea air streaming into Helsinki. Definitely a nice place to be!
And a lot is happening with the Helsinki Festival, the Flow Festival and the Viapori Jazz Festival starting these very days!

My own little contribution will be the official release concert of my new solo piano album ‘How Shall I Receive You’ on Saturday, August 22nd at 10 am in the Temppeliaukio Church.

How Shall I Receive You

The CD has been very warmly received; already before next weeks’s actual release 700 copies have been sold, which I guess is quite extraordinary in these days and times when CD sales are in a general decline. Yet I decided not to hop on the streaming-train, meaning I will not make any more CD’s available for streaming services like Spotify. Some of my albums are there and I noticed that I rather regret it as the services leave me with a feeling of being exploited.
If you are interested in my music there will always be some tracks on my YouTube-page to give you a taste and after that I will be happy to send you a copy of whichever CD you’d like to hear, straight to your home and at very little expense. Especially, if you compare it to the price of a cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

In fall there will be plenty of other opportunity to hear me live in the church (see the gig calendar). One very special recital will be on Thursday, October 22nd, when the great trumpeter Verneri Pohjola will join me for an evening concert in the church. We’ll bring some electronic gimmicks, too, and we’ll improvise our souls out. Welcome to listen!

And last, but definitely not least: the Contemporary Collective will open its fall season in Helsinki  at the jaZZanti club on September 17th, before conquering Germany in October.
As the saying goes: ‘…first we take Berlin, Sowieso, Oct 14th & 15th, then we’ll take the Musiktage Donaueschingen, Museum Biedermann, Oct 16th & 17th….’
Have a taste of CoCo:


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