The Jazz Federation tour 2015

Federation tour poster

Now the dates are set and a fine tour it will be, indeed:
The Contemporary Collective will perform eleven concerts in eleven cities during thirteen days in May.
The Finnish Jazz Federation in co-operation with SatnaMusic has organized a tight schedule for us, and provides us with the luxury of a tour bus and a sound technician.
Being chosen for a jazz federation tour is a bit like winning a jackpot, when for once you don’t have to do it all by yourself. The jazz federation office takes care of travel arrangements and accomodation, there is a public relation office, Creatika, taking care of the promotion and what’s best: you even get paid in the end! (Thanks to the support of the ministry of culture and various cultural foundations!)

So, we’re very much looking forward to these concerts and we hope to see you there!

May 5th Contemporary Collective Akustiikka concert hall, Ylivieska
May 6th Contemporary Collective Validi Karkia-club, Pori library, Pori
May 7th Contemporary Collective Pitskun kulttuurikirkko, Helsinki
May 8th Contemporary Collective Flame Jazz, Café Tiljan, Turku
May 9th Contemporary Collective Philly Joe’s, Tallinn, Estonia
May 12th Contemporary Collective Music college concert hall, Kaustinen
May 12th Contemporary Collective Conservatory concert hall, Kokkola
May 13th Contemporary Collective Nurmes-talo, Nurmes
May 14th Contemporary Collective Conservatory concert hall, Joensuu
May 15th Contemporary Collective Music center, Kuopio
May 16th Contemporary Collective Pikkuteatteri, Lahti


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