An arthouse jazzvideo

So, here it is, my last project for 2014 and a rewarding experience it was indeed:

The Contemporary Collective’s promo video was filmed in stylish black & white with a cool loft-type production design.
See it for yourself and comment right on the Vimeo page, if you feel like it.

We had a very easy time making it, everything seemed to fall into place, one idea led to the next.

There was no script, I just had this idea of a sixties’ ‘noir’ film in my mind and the location was to be a factory hall in eastern Helsinki.
Our camera man Pietari Peltola had just finished a feature film (He ovat paenneet / They have escaped) making great use of natural light, or rather the lack of it, so we only had a few lamps and went for deep contrast.
Given the limitations of the budget we decided to use our recent record ‘Outer Space’ as a soundtrack, no live sound, but rather a David Attenborough kind of voice-over, dubbed in later on.
So we slowed down or sped up the film sequences, creating a floating kind of feel to the movie.

Some bits I’m particularly happy with, like the idea of that still picture in the middle of the film. Is it a photograph? Has anybody seen the German epic ‘Heimat’ by director Edgar Reitz?
He had used that idea there, too.
Or the coincidence that when I had finished writing the voice-over text and went over to the cutting session, Pietari had just added some cloud footage from his archives before knowing that the title of the film was going to be ‘In Finnland weht ein frischer Jazzwind / There’s a fresh jazz breeze over Finland’.

Things fell into place and I’m very pleased with the result.
Thanks to the Music Finland organisation – without their financial support it would be impossible to even think of starting such a project.
Now a film is there, it’s done, it has happened – who knows where it will lead us.
Hopefully you like our little movie and hopefully some promoters get inspired to book the band.
This is a truly exceptional project.

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