After the tour and what remains


The concerts are over, the bills are paid, almost all paper work is done.
There are just a few more reports to be filed in order to get the support that has been granted.

It looks like we broke even this time, which is better than earlier tours that had been artistically just as successful, but economically needed to be considered as ‘investments’ into a better future.
It’s not an easy task to get six people to six concerts in various parts of the country.
But I still think it’s worth the trouble, particularly as it is my own music that I’m making the effort for.

So: Thank You, everybody!
All you people who came to listen, all you people who helped in organizing, all you people who decided to support this band by bestowing us grants!

We got some great feedback after the concerts.
One of the most memorable ones may have been that of an elderly lady who came up after the concert to say that ‘it wasn’t aggressive at all – very well balanced!’

Also some reviews were outright raving like the one in RondoClassic (in Finnish), where I got described as the ‘wizard behind the piano’. Not bad!

What became clear again, is that the artistic chemistry in this band works brilliantly. I am so grateful to my fellow musicians for pouring their soul into my music, for all the spontaneous interaction, for their enormous musicality.

Take an improvisation like the one we played in Tornio, only agreeing on two keys, creating fifteen minutes of sheer magic!
Listening to these improvisations afterwards, I often feel like it wasn’t me who did this.
I don’t even know where these ideas come from, I  didn’t even know I could play such stuff, I just happened to be there looking at my fingers moving, listening to the other musicians, listening to the textures that evolved right there in front of my ears and eyes.

It’s a strange profession we have.
One night we drove home by car after a gig, having played to about as many people in the audience as there were in the band. Still it seemed worth the while. I got a little worried about the finances and all, but what great listeners these guys had been!
And you never know what comes of it! Maybe these few guys will spread the word of an intense band who played fantastically!

So, exhausted but happy, slightly relieved, too, I’m back in the composer’s shed, preparing next year’s tour, writing new material, experimenting with some new effect pedals, practicing the Theremin. There’s always something to do.

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