Well done!

What an exciting spring it is!
After having spent a big part of the past two years in the composer’s shed, now I’m in full steam organizing concerts again.

Of course I will continue writing (my jazz-opera ‘Jonny swipes again’ and some smaller compositions are waiting by the piano), but the focus shifts clearly to performing again.

It was such a kick to play with the Film Collective, such fine musicians – and great guys to hang out with, too. Thanks again to Verneri, Pope, Teemu, Antti and Teppo!
I was also very happy with the new piece ‘Music for an imaginary picture’, which, it seems, has gotten a proper name now: ‘Brotherhood’. I still have to complete it. We played four parts in the concert at Sellosali. It needs one more. Thinking about recording it – let’s see!

This band will meet next time for the gig at Juttutupa on May 14th. Join us there, if you can!
Great music and, as is the customs there, entrance for free!

In the meantime I’ll be busy with preparing the other unique project of this year: the Contemporary Collective is getting the big treatment, concerts in spring and a tour in fall!

But for that I’ll write a separate blog.
For the time being you might want to put a mark in your calendar for March 22nd.

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