The Wannsee Punk @JazzAhead 2018

At this year’s JazzAhead, SatnaMusic published my latest contribution to the world of intense audiophile experiences, the CD of my new trio f# called ‘the wannsee punk’.

The CD has gathered already several excellent reviews in Finland and I’m hoping the world at large will respond in the same way.
At the JazzAhead trade fair in Bremen, anyhow, the reception was very positive. We had a couple of very good laughs about the cover photo and many people expressed their interest in a band where three acclaimed composers have chosen to leave all written material behind and improvise 100 %.

Our co-operation in the band does seem at times almost telepathic – spontaneous ideas are picked up, responded to and developed in such a coherent way that it makes you wonder (while you play) where all that fantastic stuff is coming from. We certainly didn’t plan it, but maybe having written all those scores in the run of years before does help you on a subconscious level – you just know what to pick up on and you sort of sense where it could be taken to. It’s a fantastic experience for players and audience alike, I can assure you: never knowing what will happen next.

Today we managed to get two videos from the ‘wannsee’-recording session onto SatnaMusic’s video channel.
‘The Scream’ gives you an impression of the uninhibited creative atmosphere while we recorded, ‘Suru’ in its turn might be one of the most beautiful, melancholic atmospheres I have ever captured on a recording.

What may have raised particular interest in a CD of freely improvised music, is the fact that my previous release, last year’s ‘Farbformen’ by the Sid Hille Camerata, had been nominated ‘Best recording of the year 2017‘ by YLE radio and did win the public vote.

Farbformen contains my string quartets no.2 & no.3.
In contrast to ‘wannsee’, Farbformen consists entirely of composed music (not taking into account a few bars where I suggested to the players some motives to improvise on), it is contemporary classical music, performed by the most classic of classical instrumentations, the string quartet, but of course there are many elements of jazz and ethnic music in there, too. Have a listen:

So, in case all this caught your interest in any way, you might want to check out some older recordings and projects of mine, too: there’s solo piano recordings, film music, soundscapes, modern jazz, orchestral music… you name it! All recordings are available, just send a message to info[at]

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