Still working on the page.
This takes an amazing amount of time.
The nice thing about it is that you learn while you go.
Sometimes I feel, though, I should be doing other things than looking at my website all morning, like – composing?
Or how about practicing the piano?
What about calling some people to organize some concerts?
And the material for the concerts that are already booked – posters, info flyers, the music for the band, scheduling rehearsals?
Not to mention promoting the new record, applying for grants for upcoming projects.
Nah, maybe I write a blog about all this first….

This administrating stuff can drive you crazy.

Hi everybody,

I took the jump – again!

Here starts yet another adventure:
a newly designed website, which is supposed to allow for easier management.
It’s just that first I’ve got to learn how to manage it.

Anyway, soon I’ll be offering you news on concert dates and new compositions, info on CD or vinyl releases as well as a blog.

So, bear with me, just for a moment while I’m getting a grip on this.

In the meantime you can find answers to burning questions on my publisher’s website SatnaMusic – The music of Sid Hille