Feb 10 2014

Film Collective

A few pages still have to be added or fine-tuned, but this new site starts looking good and I’m not working on it every day anymore.
Instead other office duties have taken over: arranging rehearsals for the spring concerts, booking gigs for fall 2014, planning the repertoire(s), finding the according sheet music in the depths of my shelves, but most importantly and rather urgently: writing the new piece for the Film Collective gig at the Sellosali on February 27th.

Two more weeks before rehearsals and I ‘ve got on paper about 10 minutes of a piece that’s supposed to last 40.
But, no sweat! I’ve got a pretty good idea where I want to go with this.
It’s called ‘Music for an imaginary motion picture’ and there will be all sorts of ethnic as well as electronic sounds. Pope gets to play alto flute, Antti will hit his bass with mallets, me and Teppo get to tinker around with what I call the ‘kitchen sink’. It’s a term I stole from Miles to describe some fierce rattling in the percussion department. I love that stuff.
If you’ve seen us at Jazz Espa Festival last year, you know what I’m talking about.
Then, we were still bound by the tunes from the film score of ‘The two and only’.
We will play those, too, in the first set of the concert.
In the second set however, all leashes are set loose.
Everybody will be flying. Musically, that is.
And Nina, who is taking care of the lighting at Sello, will give us some pretty psychedelic stuff to look at, too.

So, join us: Verneri Pohjola – trumpet, Pope Puolitaival – sax & flutes, Teemu Viinikainen – guitar, Sid Hille – piano, Antti Lötjönen – bass and Teppo Mäkynen – drums
at Sellosali, Leppävaara, Espoo on Thursday February 27th at 7pm
Tickets available now and at the door: 15,50€

Sid Hille film Collective

While uploading material onto this new platform I ran into some older material I haven’t been listening to in a while.

Forgive the expression, but OMG – the Platypus Ensemble was one cooking band.
It seems about high time to get these guys together again for some gigs and reminiscing.

Some of you might know that Platypus was one of the essential chamber-jazz bands of Finland, operating between 1997 and 2008.
We toured to quite some extent also in Central Europe, like Germany, France, Holland…

In 2008 we released a great record called ‘Rite of Passage’ together with the Proton String Quartet.
Listen to this sample of a piece called ‘Vrindavan in Vindala’

Still working on the page.
This takes an amazing amount of time.
The nice thing about it is that you learn while you go.
Sometimes I feel, though, I should be doing other things than looking at my website all morning, like – composing?
Or how about practicing the piano?
What about calling some people to organize some concerts?
And the material for the concerts that are already booked – posters, info flyers, the music for the band, scheduling rehearsals?
Not to mention promoting the new record, applying for grants for upcoming projects.
Nah, maybe I write a blog about all this first….

This administrating stuff can drive you crazy.

Hi everybody,

I took the jump – again!

Here starts yet another adventure:
a newly designed website, which is supposed to allow for easier management.
It’s just that first I’ve got to learn how to manage it.

Anyway, soon I’ll be offering you news on concert dates and new compositions, info on CD or vinyl releases as well as a blog.

So, bear with me, just for a moment while I’m getting a grip on this.

In the meantime you can find answers to burning questions on my publisher’s website SatnaMusic – The music of Sid Hille